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Artificial Intelligence

AI in The Browser

Artificial Intelligence in the browser means:

  • AI with JavaScript
  • Machine Learning (ML) with JavaScript
  • Deep Learning (DL) with JavaScript
  • AI for Everyone on the Web
  • AI on more Platforms
  • AI for a wider Audience

Math in the Browser

Math.js is an extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js.

Math.js is powerful and easy to use. It comes with a large set of built-in functions, a flexible expression parser, and solutions to work with many data types like numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, fractions, units, arrays, and matrices.

Machine Learning in the Browser

Brain.js is a GPU accelerated neural networks in JavaScript for Browsers and Node.js.

Brain.js is simple to use. You do not need to know neural networks in details to work with Brain.js.

Brain.js provides multiple neural network implementations as different neural nets can be trained to do different things well.

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Plotting in the Browser

Here is a list of some JavaScript libraries to use for both Artificial Intelligence graphs and other charts:

Plotting Equations

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Plotting Values

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